Latest book:
The Arrows of TimeOrthogonal

Book Three: The Arrows of Time, 2013/14, Gollancz (UK, Australia), Night Shade Books (US).

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Recent books:
The Eternal FlameOrthogonal

Book Two: The Eternal Flame, 2012, Night Shade Books (US), Gollancz (UK, Australia). Both now in paperback.

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The Clockwork RocketOrthogonal

Book One: The Clockwork Rocket, 2011, Night Shade Books (US), Gollancz (UK, Australia). Both now in paperback.

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2010, Gollancz (UK, Aust), Night Shade Books (US), 2012, Le Bélial’ (France), Bibliópolis (Spain).


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I am a science fiction author and computer programmer. This site contains:

The best way to link to this home page is as, and the best way to link to other pages on this site is with the “” addresses that appear on every page.
There are no photos of me on the web. The world contains many people besides me who are named Greg Egan — including a former professor of engineering at an Australian university who has worked in computing, and who is vastly more qualified in the field than I am. So please don’t take his photo and pass it off as being me; that’s very discourteous to him.
New US paperbacks and eBooks:
Re-issue covers

For readers in the US, Night Shade Books are bringing out new paperback editions of seven of my earlier books that had previously been out of print there. Permutation City, Quarantine, Axiomatic, Diaspora, Distress and Schild’s Ladder have now been published, with Teranesia to follow in March.

• For US readers seeking eBook editions of these works, see my eBooks page. For readers outside the US, all of these titles are available, both in print and as eBooks, from Gollancz.

Latest short:
• “Seventh Sight”

in Upgraded, edited by Neil Clarke; Wyrm Publishing, 2014. [Amazon US] [Amazon Australia] [Amazon UK]

• “Shadow Flock”

in Coming Soon Enough, edited by Stephen Cass; IEEE Spectrum, 2014. (eBook only) [Amazon US] [Amazon Australia] [Amazon UK]

• “Break My Fall”

in Reach For Infinity, edited by Jonathan Strahan; Solaris, 2014. [Amazon US] [Amazon UK] [Book Depository]

“In the Ruins”

A new story, free online on this web site.

Border Guards
“Border Guards”

Permutation City
Permutation City
The Planck Dive
“The Planck Dive”
Schild's Ladder
Schild’s Ladder

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